Business Plan Consultant Proposal

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A business plan consultant proposal is a kind of a proposal which is framed by a business organization who wish to offer its business consulting services to another entity or business. These proposals are formal and official documents which consist of the details of the kind of business consulting the service provider is willing to offer, in what time period and for what cost.

Any such proposal is sent to the client for his/her approval. For your help and reference, a sample of a business plan consultant proposal has been provided below and can be used by anyone.

Sample Business Plan Consultant Proposal

Name of consulting company: Hackett consulting firm

Address of consulting company: 189, Brooks Street, west Virginia, USA

Name of the client company: William Anderson Corporation

Address of the company: 3, second floor, martin tower, Robert lane, West Virginia, USA

Proposal prepared and presented by: Tim Black

Senior executive, Hackett consulting firm

Proposal presented to: George William

Managing director, William Anderson Corporation

Proposal presented on: 16th March 2014

Objective of the proposal

To help you out with sketching of your business plans and to see to it that they are properly executed, we at Hackett consulting firm are willing to offer you our expert and experienced services on an yearly basis. If you happen to be interested, kindly reply back to us whenever it seems suitable.

Details of the proposal:

  • We shall be employing our experienced consultants in your firm for the designated time period, during which they will help in business plans and execution of those plans.
  • We shall be offering you our services for 5 working days of the weeks.
  • For any additional help or service, you can avail on request consulting experts but that will cost extra.
  • You can choose between 2 and 5 consultants for onsite consulting.

Estimated cost of consulting service: $5000 for one year.

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