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A business presentation proposal is a document that generally involves details of a presentation that is to be prepared and presented by the business firm to outline the launch of some product or service, strike a deal with some other company or agency, respond to some tender for manufacturing certain goods, or some other business reason. Whatsoever be the purpose of the business presentation, the proposal should be framed in a clear and concise manner, effectively designed by experts who know the business well, outlining every significant factor that would help make the presentation successful.

Sample Business Presentation Proposal:

This business presentation proposal has been prepared by InfoTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., under the supervision of Mr. Henry Clifford, Chief Operating Manager of the business organization. The document has been approved and signed by Mr. Clifford and Mr. Tim Joseph, Executive Director.

Proposal Summary:

The proposal has been framed for submission to the U.S Science University. The respective business proposal will contain sufficient information regarding the various technological advancements of the business and it will not only help the students to get an idea regarding the main course of the business, Information Technology, but will also present before them a wide range of opportunities for job and research in this field.

Objectives and details of the proposal:

  • The business is to be spread among a larger base of clients who would understand it well and an institution as the U.S Science University would be just appropriate.
  • We will also conduct a temporary induction process wherein we will take a note of those students who respond intelligently.
  • The names and details of those students will be recorded and an internship programme will be offered to them.
  • The business presentation will be conducted by a team of three senior executives of Info Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.



Presentation Evaluation


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