Education Proposal Template

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An Education proposal template is a widely varied range of documents whose essential aim is to introduce a number of changes to the existing system of education in a school, college or university, or even a board. They must be written clearly with the modules lucidly distinguished.

Sample Education Proposal Template

Names of members of the council for implementing changes: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

System in which the alterations are to be introduced: ___________________________________

Date of submission of education proposal: ___________________ [dd/mm/yy]

[Fill in the relevant details]

Provide a brief account of the existing system of education in the system (course, board, class syllabi) in question: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Mention the salient features of the existing systems in place]

Reasons for the necessity of changes: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[Explain why these alterations have to be implemented. Highlight the flaws in the existing system of education]

Proposal to implement the changes: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Provide a clear account of how the changes will be implemented. Enlist what resources will be needed]

Costs expected: ________________________________________________________________

[Provide an estimate of the total funds required for these changes to be introduced. Include a detailed breakup of costs]

Capital accrued and sources of further funds: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[Mention the amount of money already collected for this purpose. Also enlist grants that have been sanctioned by government or private agencies. Mention any other sources of funds like an increase of student fees]

Objectives of this proposal: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Mention how these changes are likely to benefit students and teachers. Provide an account of why they must be accepted for the betterment of the education system]


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