Health Reform Proposal

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A health reform proposal is a plan created by a government agency where a proposal is presented to modify certain aspects of the current health policy of the land in order to reach out to more and more people and increase their access to good healthcare policies. Once these changes are approved, both public and private sector insurance companies and healthcare bodies will incorporate these new rules in the policies they offer to the people which aim to make things easier for the general public. A health reform proposal is a vast project as it encompasses the whole country and requires immense funds to become successful. A clear and organised proposal must be made in this regard.

Sample Health Reform Proposal:

Name of agency: United Kingdom Health Department

Address: 83 Jennings Street, London

Health care reform proposal prepared on: November 23, 2011

Proposal prepared by: Darren Queen

Chief of UK Health Department

Proposal submitted on: December 2, 2011

Proposal signed and approved by: Arthur Canning


Reform proposal name: Reach Out Health Reform

Purpose: The purpose of this health reform proposal is to reach out to more sections of the society and include them in the country’s health reform programme. The proposal endeavours to reduce healthcare costs and make access to healthcare easier

Details of Health Reform Proposal:

  • We aim start the project from the April 1, 2013 after this proposal is passed as law by the government.
  • The project will focus on developing the quality of healthcare and making it less costly

Estimated cost of the project: 2 billion euros

Amount requested: 1 billion euros


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