HR Internship Proposal

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A HR internship proposal is one which is offered by a company to a student. A HR internship proposal offers the student an opportunity to work as an intern in the organization and learn about the various aspects of work. The proposal is drafted with reference to the interest shown by the college or an individual to take up HR internship in that company.

Sample HR Internship Proposal

HR Internship Proposal Offered by – Mr. Kevin peter, Human resource department, Amya technologies, Halkin Arcade, (Motcomb Street)

HR Internship Proposal Offered to – Mr. Frank Jerin, Dean of Studies, University of London.

Proposal Date: – 29th August 2013

HR Internship Description:

The HR internship program offers designated work in our HR department to students recommended by your University. The students will be selected through a process of group discussion and personal interview held by two senior members of your university. On selection the students are required to work with our company for a period of three months.

Human Resource Domain:

The selected interns will be exposed to various areas of human resource department such as sourcing, hiring, maintaining pay roll, employee training, dispute resolution, employee contracts etc.  The interns will be given maximum exposure to as many areas as possible that will train them to be job ready after completion of the course.

Requirement Analysis:

The students on internship will be allowed to assist and handle resource requirement of various team after analyzing the team’s expectation.


You will be handling the induction process of the newly recruited candidates and this will include completion of joining formalities, coordinating with concerned departments and posting the candidate at the right department, etc.

By coordinating the induction programs you will gain overall experience of the procedures involved during the induction process and also vital information about payroll which will assist in placement of your students in future. The selected students will be offered a stipend of £1200 per month during the internship.

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