HR Proposal

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HR or human resource proposals are those plans and propositions which are presented by the HR department for the benefit of the employees or the company. The content of the HR proposal would depend on what the objective and target is and accordingly the proposal must be framed. There may be some dealing with training of employees or their orientation, there can also be proposals related to the audit, research or management of the organisation and other aspects which ensures the smooth functioning of the organisation.

Sample HR Proposal:

Name of department: Human Resources Department

Name of company: Rolling Wheels Corp

Address: 83 Anderson Road, Los Angeles

HR proposal prepared on: November 20, 2011

Proposal prepared by: Jimmy Rogers

Head of Human Resources Department

Rolling Wheels Corp

Proposal submitted on: November 29, 2011

Proposal signed and approved by: Martha Hendrix

Managing Director

Rolling Wheels Corp

Proposal topic: Reduction of work hours

Purpose: The purpose of this HR proposal is to bring the attention of the management that the same level of output can be reached in less number of working hours, which will not only lead to greater job satisfaction among employees but also help save money on the use of company resources.

Details of HR proposal:

  • Reduce current work hours from 8 to 6 on Friday. Monday to Thursday can continue having 8 hours.
  • Instead of giving every second Saturday off, give every Saturday a holiday, making it a two-day weekend.
  • All departments will be informed of the new work hours so that they can adjust their work schedules accordingly.
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