Human Resource Management Consultant Proposal

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In some companies, there isn’t a separate human resource department and hence in such a case, the company has to outsource HR management services. Thus a human resource management consultant proposal is a proposal which is framed by a consulting company as a way of offering its HR management services to another company or prospective client.

These proposals must talk about the various services or incentives which the consulting company is willing to offer so that the client can be convinced. Given below is a sample of a Human resource management consultant proposal that can be taken into reference by anyone.

Sample Human Resource Management Consultant Proposal

Name of HR management consulting company: Johnson and Johnson consulting

Address of consulting company: 894, Timothy Street, Jackson Avenue, London

Name of the Client Company: Bella Enterprises

Address of the client company: 456, Maddison tower, Peter enclave, London

Proposal prepared by: Kell Nathan

Senior executive, Johnson and Johnson consulting

Proposal presented to: Jacob Bella

Managing director, Bella Enterprises

Proposal presented on: 5th Feb 2014


This is a Human resource management consulting proposal which has been framed with the objective of providing you with HR management consulting services for 6 months’ time period.  This proposal is prepared to offer you our excellent and reliable consulting services for the strengthening of your employee management system.

Details of the proposal:

  • We shall be providing you on request consulting services and will be helping you out with HR management, employee recruitment, employee compensation and other related services for 6 months period.
  • We shall be charging a total fee of $6000 in total.
  • The consulting company will also be actively taking part in employee training processes, which will cost an additional sum of $1000.
  • If you agree to the terms, kindly send us your reply within 10 days.
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