IT Governance Proposal

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IT governance proposal is represented by various IT businesses, which depicts plans that would help to assure the capital contributors to get return of their investment. Such kind of proposal should be designed with utmost precision in order to receive massive appreciation.

Sample IT Governance Proposal

New plans for IT Governance of the company

Name of the company: RTF Technologies and IT service providers

Proposal created by: Mr. S Susanne

Head of Governance body

About us:

Our dedication for years has helped us to pave the way for success within a very short span of time. With a globally delivered platform, we got the privilege of getting associated with various major industries that helped us to recognize what we are. Hope our services would help us to meet the requirement of various global industries ahead as well.

Objective behind the proposal:

The request of this proposal has been put forward with the sole intention of introducing new plans in the governance of the company so that we could bring quality changes in order to serve our client even better than earlier. Following the plans we proposed-

  • Introducing plans which would help our contributors understand where their investments are being used.
  • Governance do require thorough vigilance in order to achieve success
  • Experts would be involved in the process of the governance management and vigilance in order to get a clear picture

Last date of submitting the proposal: 7th September 2011

Estimated Implementation Timeline of the plan:  8months [This would be counted after 15days of the last date of proposal submission]

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