IT Network Proposal

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IT network proposal is the document presented by IT companies or related department of a company by proposing any network related task or service to its prospective client. Such kind of proposal should be designed in an authentic approach so that the best possible response could be received.

Sample IT Network Proposal


Proposal created by: Mr. Jenny Fernandez

Human Resource Manager

Proposal issued: 15th of December 2010

About us:

Best Technologies and IT Service Providers is known as one of the top globally recognized IT company today. It is our year’s effort in bringing glory for the company and achieving this stature. The journey would not have been so smooth, if we were not having a supportive clientele base behind our success. With our upcoming endeavors, we are looking forward to make more strong associations, which would help us to make significant achievements in near future.

Proposal Objective:

We are planning to appoint network specific consultants in order to carry the work of individual network with increased proficiency than before. These consultants would help to provide consultancy to our employees and clients both so that best services could be delivered with thorough understanding of the network function.

Estimated cost for fulfilling the proposed matter: $25000 approximately for each network [This is an overall budget has been estimated keeping in mind the difficulty level of each network]

Last date till which the proposal acceptance would be entertained by the concern authority: 20th August 2011

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