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An IT or information technology proposal is a plan made by an IT company or to an IT company for the development or sale of any product or service. Information technology is a vast field and like any other company it has various projects, assignments, research, sales and other aspects present in any business organisation. IT firms are also companies and although they belong to a more technical field they have similar operations and business deals, the only difference being the content in this case is of a more technical nature. There can be different types of IT proposals like IT project proposal, IT consultancy proposal, IT business proposition, IT product development proposal and so on.

Sample IT Proposal:

Name of company: New Age Consultancy

Address: 934 Round Rock, Seattle

Proposal prepared on: December 20, 2011

Proposal prepared by: Gary Hastings

R&D Manager, New Age Consultancy

Proposal submitted on: December 29, 2011

Proposal name: Information technology business plan

Purpose: The primary purpose of this proposal is to make and implement a business plan for increasing profits of the company by increasing sales and reaching to a wider market

Other details of the proposal:

  • Make strategies that will strengthen our relations with our manufacturing clients
  • Present plans which will improve our annual sales, gross margin and profits
  • Adopt a more customer- and market-focused sales and marketing strategy
  • A new team will be formed in order to implement these changes effectively

Estimated budget: $100,000

Proposal signed and approved by: Arthur Jennings

General Manager, New Age Consultancy

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