Project Proposal Template

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A project proposal template is a document that is a ready to use project proposal and can be customised by people who need to frame their own project proposals. Such templates contain the outline and blank spaces which are filled by those who use them. Any such template gives a clear idea to those who are looking for the right method to frame a project proposal. All the points that should be mentioned in any such proposal are covered in a template of this type.

Sample project proposal template:

Project proposal prepared by: ___________________ [mention the name of the person who has prepared or designed the project proposal]

Project proposal submitted to: _____________________ [mention the name of the recipient of the project proposal]

Date of submission: ___________________________ [mention the date in dd/mm/yy format]

Title of the project: ________________________ [mention the relevant detail]

Name of organisation: ______________________ [mention the name of the organisation who is responsible for preparation of project proposal]

Target sector: _______________________________ [mention the name of the target of people to whom the project is aimed at serving]

Total estimated time of project: ______________________ [mention the number of months or years that will take to complete the project]

Implementation mechanism: ______________________ [mention the relevant details]

Objective of project:

[Mention the various aims or objectives that shall be achieved if the project proposal is accepted and implemented. This part should be preferably in point wise format]

Technical information and distribution of funds and duties:

[This section should be reserved for mentioning all the specifications of the project including finances and the equipments or machinery used]


[Signatures of concerned authority]



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