Advertising Sales Proposal

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An advertising sales proposal is a neatly designed lay out of a marketing plan which has the main priority of considerably increasing the sales revenue of the concerned company that hires the agency for a specific period of time. The proposal, in a nutshell, tells about the strategy details of the sales campaign to boost the brand value of the company. The advertising sales proposal also has the facts like the name of the agency and the designer involved in formulating the proposal. Other features such as advertising campaign budget and time-frame of its application are also included.

Sample Advertising Sales Proposal

Name of the company making the proposal: Blue-tango Advertising Pvt. Ltd.

Address of the Head Office: 56 Long Drive, East-central Fern Road, Brooklyn, USA

Name of the proposal designer: Mr. Paul Barrington

Total budget proposed: $ 23, 000 – $ 25, 000

Timeframe of implementation: 18 days (including weekends)

The work details of the advertising sales proposal:

  • Clearly indicating the advertising pockets with calculated potential to showcase the specific goods and/or services of the company.
  • Identifying and analyzing the preferential maps of the customers and streamlining the marketing strategies accordingly, keeping intact the essence of the company’s brand name.

The specific objectives of the advertising sales proposal:

  • To help in improving the sales revenues of the company to the tune of 20% by the end of the next financial quarter.
  • To bring in new pools of customers in the clientele base of the company.
  • To build a holistic mutually beneficial relation with the concerned company.

Signature of the project manager: Mr. William Radcliffe

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