Outdoor Advertising Proposal

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Outdoor advertising proposal is a document proposing the requirement for advertising any particular matter through outdoor advertising medium. This is an advertising process that involves posting of promotional items and messages where people could see it. Hence, such kind of proposal should be constructed in such a way that it is effective and solve the purpose efficiently.

Sample Outdoor Advertising Proposal

Outdoor Advertisement Proposal for Venessa L7 Perfumes

Proposal Presented by: Mr. Yang Lowe

Venessa Group of Perfumeries

United States of America

Proposal Submitted on: 5th June 2011

Executive Summary of the Product to be advertised:

We are always appreciated by our customers for the huge range of world-class fragrances we have offered for ages. Be it a perfume for women or men, we have always released the exclusive products developed with the best ingredients which gives long lasting fragrance. It has not only mesmerized the users who have used it but have always created a soothing effect to the people around that person who is using it.

Recently, we have created a magnificent range of perfumes in “Venessa L7” for both men and women. All the products come with variety of flower fragrances like rose, lily, green floral etc.

Purpose of the proposal: We want regulation of this range of product through outdoor advertisement so that we could reach out to more people and get maximum acceptance by them.

Estimated budget for the entire outdoor advertisement regulation: $13000 approximately

Last date for accepting the proposal: 16th June 2011

Outdoor Advertisement Process should commence within 15days from last date.

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