Agriculture Project Proposal

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Agriculture project proposal is a written document presented by an agriculture student, researcher or institute stating their need and scope of the project related to the particular field. Such kind or proposal must efficiently highlight the essential purpose, plan and procedure of the project in order to receive maximum acceptance.

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Project Proposal Template

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Sample Agriculture Project Proposal

Project presented by: Central Agricultural Innovation Project

Under American Council of Agricultural Research

Biological Alternatives for Chemical Pesticides used in Crops

Date of presenting the proposal: 3rd January 2011

Proposal Objective:

This proposal is being presented with an intention to accumulate resources and aid from the concern intended audience for successful accomplishment of the project.

Project overview:

We are planning to choose an alternative biological method instead of chemical pesticides for protecting the crops in the field. This would be done through the use and regulation of entomopathogenic fungi which can control the aphids in leafy and bushy salad crops.

Few crops are sold fresh and sometimes they are consumed without making much effort in processing it. In that case use of chemical insecticide could be harmful for the person consuming it.

Intended audience:

We are looking for potential researchers, agricultural institutes and prospective clients who can help us with resources for making a successful accomplishment of the project.

Estimated Budget Required for Project Completion: $2500 approximately

Timeline for project completion: Maximum 1 year

Last date for accepting the proposal: 26th January 2011

Contribute for a better future by joining hands with farmers for growing quality food crops for the country.

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