Sample Project Proposal

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Sample project proposal is an example of a project proposal. A project proposal is a document which is made when a party puts forward a proposal for a certain project in front of a company or organisation which is capable of completing that project work. The following sample of a project proposal will help people to get an idea so as to how a project proposal should be framed correctly.

Sample project proposal:

Project information

Name of agency: Mark Inc.

Address: 45-h, Jacob road, London

Contact number: 473947935055

Name of project:  Community based employment and life skills training

Project Area: education with direct employment results

Project time frame: January 1, 2011-November 1, 2011

Total project cost: $30000

This project shall look forward to employee at least 100 people. The cost per person who gets employed shall be around $1200.

The following are the aims and objectives of the project proposed:

  • Setting a vocational goal and identifying the values of work.
  • Financial needs of each person and basic budgeting skills and training.
  • Resources for identifying the employers, job skills training and also writing of CVs and resumes.
  • Interviewers and follow up along with what employers really require and want from their employees.

The following are the other main points of the project:

  • Each participant will have an employment action plan designed especially for him by coordinators.
  • The number of prospective employers will be measured each month.
  • The advisory committee will oversee the program outcomes of the employment coordinators responsibilities and duties.


Tim Mark (Mark Inc.)


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