Art Project Proposal

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An art project proposal carefully outlines the various spheres of art the concerned project aims to explore. It provides a comprehensive report of the number of members participating in the assignment and various related factors to its accomplishment, such as the time constraints and monetary issues, apart from an overview of the main purpose behind the task. It requires a clear presentation so as to skillfully cover all prominently important areas of the art project.

Sample Art Project Proposal

Name of the art project: Learning the people’s world.

Organization undertaking the project: The California Institute of Modern Art.

Duration of the trip as part of the project: 15th May, 2012 to 17th July, 2012.

Participants involved: A batch of 30 students, of the undergraduate as well as postgraduate level, belonging to different art streams.

  • Purpose: The basic purpose of this project is to introduce the students with the land of diversity – India and conduct a two-month long project that will enable them to collect all relevant data that will help in studying the anthropology of different races, tribal and ethnic groups that exist in the said country.
  • The larger motive of this project, however, is to develop an idea among the students so that they can imbibe the Indian spirit into themselves.
  • They will be helped in the research work in a way such that they possess a thorough knowledge about the people, lifestyle, food habits, job aspects and an overall mentality of these people.
  • Students should necessarily be able to portray and spread the rich art and culture of the Indians, through any art form – be it music, dance, painting, drama, etc.

Budget: $50000

Last date for accepting responses to the proposal: 17th November, 2011

Kindly contact at the earliest.

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