Boutique Business Proposal

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A boutique business proposal is a document which outlines the plans and aims of a boutique business establishment. It must address all the important issues like location, décor, customer, kind of clothes on offer etc. It must be thoroughly researched and well charted so that the proposal itself becomes valuable to the establishers for future reference.

Sample Boutique Business Proposal:

Name of the boutique: Janice’s

Location of boutique outlet: 34B Piccadilly Square, London.

Range on offer:

  • We intend to service female clients with an extraordinary range of formal and semi-formal wear.
  • Our suits, made of the best materials and custom fit, are to be our showcase offering.
  • We shall also offer limited edition office accessories like handbags and hold-alls. They are to be mainly made of pure leather.
  • We shall offer the best quality clothing at comparatively reasonable rates.
  • We shall also custom design suits and other formal and semi-formal designer wear for our customers. Prices are disclosed on request.

Targeted customer base: We will service working professionals who are in constant need of formal and semi formal office wear.

Our prices start from: $2000

Core designers: Anita Roberts and Janice Michelle.

Tie-ups: Silken Delight Cloth Store, London.

Franchise options: We will also look at expanding our outlets with franchisees, who we believe are value for money, while offering the same quality. We shall not compromise on quality at any cost.

Future plans: We plan to expand to cover other important shopping destinations in and around London.

Contact for further information: 734643756/73456347

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