Business Administration Research Proposal

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The business administration research proposal is the proposal which undertakes research study to understand the business administration dynamics. It could be a general proposal taken up by the business to understand the dynamics of business administration or it could be a proposal with another specific aim. Irrespective, the proposal has to follows a pattern, much like the one that is followed in the proposal sample given below.

Sample Business Administration Research Proposal:

Date: 19th June 2013

Presented to: The Chairman, the CEO and the Board of Directors

(Also for the reference of all the employees)

Presented by: Mrs. Jenna Fawn, Senior Management Executive

Organisation Name: Garner & Blain Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Organisation Address: 8178, Branson Street, Millennium Corporate Offices, New Jersey, United States.

The idea behind the Proposal:

The basic idea behind this proposal is to make a well researched study of the various success stories our industry has seen in the past 5 years. Studying the success (and fall) of the past businesses will help us get insight about the administration mechanisms in the competitive economy.

The purpose is to replicate most success mechanisms for use in this organisation. We have selected top 7 businesses in the industry in the past 5 yrs that saw huge success and 3 of these saw fall after the huge success.

 Some Specifications:

  • We will need to collect all the possible information about the seven businesses ranging from their charters to strategies, management policies, rules and regulations etc. information.
  • We develop the administrative structures of these different businesses from the info collected.
  • Then we study and analyse the impact of different administration models on the success and failure of the businesses.
  • This analysis going to give us decisive results about the impact of administration and best forms of it.


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