Business Proposal

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A business proposal is a document that is made when a company or department puts forward a business idea on the table of another company so as to seal a business deal. Such documents are usually written and contain all the details of the proposal idea.

Sample business proposal

Proposal name: Mobile solutions

Proposal date: 12’Th March, 2011

Proposal details:

MobileCorp is an organisation that works on finding solutions to any mobile phone related problems or developments. The proposal for the business that we have put forward is aimed at providing a software platform for unified mobile delivery of email, messaging and voice mail. This software shall enable the enterprise to send any employee’s communication medium to Palm or Windows device.

Head of proposal design: Mr. Raymond Davis

Office Address: 23-P, Mainland Street, London

Contact number: 47397095850505

The estimated cost of the business project completion: $60000

Total time of business proposal completion: 6 months

The following are the details of the objectives of the business that is being proposed:

  1. Through this method, both organisations involved in this business shall be able to make huge profits.
  2. This proposal, if implemented can help to increase manageability of multiple devices and also the manageability of the communication channels connected to these mobile devices.
  3. This method shall help IT departments to look into the desire of mobile employees to have a unified way to access all their communication channels like email, instant messaging and voice mail services.
  4. This shall help IT departments to also manage multiple types of channels and device interfaces with multiple software packages and communication mediums.

MobileCorp takes the responsibility that this idea and proposal design is completely original and not taken or copied from any other source.


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