Business Dissertation Proposal

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Business dissertations are written documents which details the lineaments regarding a research project which generally comprise both speech and written report deliver by a business student prior achieving a doctoral degree. Therefore, a business dissertation proposal not only explains the intended authority about the areas of business research but also encompasses on the methods employed for research work. Such a proposal document is presented to the dissertation approval committee for the purpose of consideration of the business research work that is being depicted.

Sample Business Dissertation Proposal

Enhancing Utility of E-Business

Proposal Presented By:

Research Scholar: Andrews Lewis

Research Scholar

University of California, USA

Department of Business Studies and Research

Proposal Presented For:

Dissertation Approval Committee

University of California, USA

Date of presenting the proposal: 5th November 2011

Purpose of the Proposal:

This proposal is being solicited for the Dissertation Approval Committee of University of California, USA with a sole intention for presenting my research work on topic “Enhancing Utility of E-Business” through dissertation submission.

Overview of Business Proposal:

Electronic business is a process of expanding a supply chain management and making electronic purchase over electronic means. This process is getting more and more accepted in modernized world. This research work is on standardizing few technical standards so that utility of e-business could be enhanced.

The research work is done based on following parameters:

  • Transitioning existing E-Business Models into new forms
  • Employing strategies that benefits both customer and business management

For further information, please find the dissertation in attachment with this proposal. Kindly accept within the due date i.e.11th December 2011

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