Business Grant Proposal

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A Business Grant proposal is a kind of a proposal which is made by a person or entity to request a certain amount of funds for a project or service to the community or for any other purpose. A grant proposal sent to a business corporation explaining the requirement for the funds must be a formal document which should be convincing enough for the recipient. These grant proposal should state how the sender plans to utilize the amount. A sample of a business grant proposal is provided below for your reference purpose.

Sample Business Grant proposal

Name of the proposal presenter:  Fred Markson

Company Name/entity name: Public Health Services

Address of the Company: A-56, first floor, Henderson tower, London

Proposal presented on: 4th August 2014

Proposal presented to: David Benedict,

Managing Director, Benedict Group of Companies

Proposal approved on: 7th August 2014

Business Grant Statement:

We request you to make funding of $10000 to help us eradicate common public health problems and eliminate deadly yet curable diseases from the poverty struck areas of London.  Your contribution will go a long way in creating awareness among the people about deadly diseases which are on the rise in the society. Your funding will be part of the funding by another 7 companies that have stepped forward to help us in our cause.

Details of Business grant proposal:

  • If you agree to provide us with this funding amount (or a higher amount), we would directly be using it to spread awareness through a variety of means and channels.
  • We would be using the amount to set up public health camps for treating patients who may not be able to afford treatment for free.
  • We would be using the money to distribute approved medicines among poverty struck areas and employing doctors and nurses in these areas.
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