Education Grant Proposal

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An education grant proposal is a proposal which outlines the needs and benefits an educational institution will gain from being granted funds by private or government agencies. It is an appeal for grants and must be framed in a manner that the appeal is granted. It must address all the key areas of the proposal and be written with conviction and force.

Sample Education Grant Proposal:

Name of grant which is being applied for: Charles Waller Education Grant

Grant given by: The government of the United Kingdom, in association with The British Council.

Proposal by: Miriam Institute of Social Sciences.

Address: 45B, Madison Country Road, New Jersey.

Contact number: 3874774324

Purpose of the grant: The Charles Waller Grant is meant for the improvement of the standard of teaching especially in the field of humanities.

Our objectives:

  • The Miriam Institute for Social sciences has rapidly straddled the different field that make up the social sciences and our progress has been sure, and steady. We are applying for the grant as we believe that the funds granted would be instrumental in conducting research in uncommon fields.
  • The prestige associated with this particular grant is also an added attraction.
  • We are a government aided institution, this grant will allow us to increase our intake of PhD students while providing them excellent education and opportunities at subsidized rates.

We hope that you will consider our proposal. The attached slide presentation provides more details about our institution and our plans of expansion and upgrading. Thanking you,

John Roe,

Head, Centre for Advanced Studies,

Miriam Institute for Social Sciences.

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