Business proposal format

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A business proposal format is a written document that gives a clear and well described format that is supposed to be followed while framing a business proposal. Such documents are of huge use and help for those who need multiple business proposal documents or are new in the file of framing business proposals.

Sample business proposal format:

Name of company: {fill in the name of the company which has prepared the proposal}

Name of proposal designer: {fill in the relevant details}

Type of business: {title of the business which has been proposed}

Date of proposal submission: {dd/mm/ yy}

Total estimated cost of the business venture: {mention the cost in $ which has been estimated for the completion of the business venture, in the case when it is implemented}

The objective of the proposal is as follows:

{Here the main aims and objectives that are being aimed at achieving should be mentioned clearly and with full details in a point wise format}

Details of the proposal:

First paragraph: The first paragraph should be used for mentioning the basic information of the business proposal. Here those points should be mentioned which just give an overview of the proposal}

Second paragraph: the second section should be reserved for giving a step wise procedure of the strategies that shall be used during the length of business plan. All details must be mentioned and also distribution of finances should be giving in approximation.

Last paragraph: the final paragraph must be used for convincing the recipient of the reason why this proposal is useful and how it shall serve the purpose.

Signature: {signature of project designer}


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