Components Project Proposal

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Components project proposal is a document clearly stating the various components associated with a particular project and exploring each aspect linked with such components. The proposal should thus be an outline of all those components that make up an entire project of a specific subject matter and determine various factors that combine together to form the project.

Sample Components Project Proposal:

Name of the project: Enriching the Environment.

Organization that has taken up the project: Swiss Companies Pvt. Ltd.

Date of proposal: 4th July, 2011

Objectives of the proposal:

  • The basic purpose of this proposal is to recognize every component of the environment, so as to provide further help in correcting flaws, if any, and thus lead to an enriched environment.
  • Both the biotic as well as abiotic components would gradually be made understood to all the people working in this project and thus develop it further by proper identification of the problem and adopting some effective solutions.
  • The project would aim at establishing a connection between all these components, which, just like in a machine, work together to address a particular problem.

Project overview:

This project concerns environment and its components as well. The various factors that comprise the term as a whole include the air, land and water and also animals and plants that are technically termed the fauna and flora, with the former including the producers, consumers and decomposers. It would thus be an approach to recognize all these factors and start working at the grass-root level, by addressing each of the individual issues and developing an efficient plan to fight such problems and finally emerge as a successful one.

Estimated Budget: $67000

Since the project would require a lot of research and field work, you all are requested to submit your responses at the earliest.

Thanking You,

Maria Rose

Head of the Department (Ecology)

Swiss Companies Pvt. Ltd.

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