Construction Sales Proposal

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A construction sales proposal is a kind of a proposal which is framed by a construction company with the aim of improving its sales and revenue. These kinds of proposals are formal documents which are framed by sales and marketing experts of the company and are presented in front of senior executives for their consent.

The senior executive weighs the pros and cons of the proposal and then decides whether or not the proposal is to be accepted or rejected. A construction sales proposal must include sales details and objective etc. Given below is a sample of a construction sales proposal which anyone can use for reference.

Sample Construction Sales Proposal:

Name of Construction Company: Kell Construction Company

Official address of Construction Company: J-67, second floor, Moor tower, L lane, London

Proposal presented and framed by: Sarah Parker

Senior sales executive, Kell Construction Company

Proposal presented to: Jacob Andrews, Owner, Kell Construction Company

Proposal presented on: 30th March 2014

Objective of proposal:

Sales are an important part for any business and to improve sales and revenue, the company must come up with new sales strategies and plans. This document proposes better utilization of marketing to promote sales and profits.

Details of the proposal

  • The company needs to strengthen its sales department by hiring new experienced executives.
  • To improve sales, we would have to work better on our marketing strategies which can pull in or attract more clients.
  • For better revenues, we would have to cut down on wastage, improve work and office productivity and tighten deadlines.
  • This requires laying off mediocre quality employees and eliminating machinery which doesn’t result in efficient output.
  • A better system of employee recruitment is to be hired to ensure only top level workers and executives.

Estimated cost of sales plan: $20000

Estimated execution time: 1 year

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