Construction Bid Proposal

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The construction bid proposal is mainly designed by the contractors which contain the estimation of the people required for a particular job of construction, their cost and other cost related to construction. This kind of proposals is send to the developers or owners for acceptance.


Sample Construction Bid Proposal

Name of the construction agency: RODGER’S BUILDING CONTRATOR



Name of the construction project: Sweet homes

Situated at: 67, Lansdowne street, North florida-878789


Features: A six storied building block including 12 well spaced flats. The block is surrounded by a green lawn, fences and a front gate. All the flats have three open sides along with large windows. Six out of 12 flats are fully furnished and well spacious. Rests of them have well build doors and windows.


Estimated Time: 10months


Estimated Manpower: 35 people are required for accomplishing this complete construction project within the stipulated time.


Estimated budget:

  • For manpower it has been estimated that the cost would be around $35000 for 10 months.
  • For raw materials required for the completing the entire construction and hardware work is $80000.
  • Green lawns, fences and a front gate would cost around $60000.


Last date for proposal acceptance: 5th June 2011


Construction work would only be carried out once the bid proposal is being accepted within the date given. Please do not claim for this proposal once the given date is over as it would not remain anymore effective.


For further details, please contact:


John Patrick

65, Houston lane

Rodger’s building contractor

Contact number: 7878911


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