Corporate Business Proposal

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A corporate business proposal is a document which outlines the strategic decisions and other details of a corporate venture that is being set up. A corporate business proposal can also outline different aspects of one sector of a corporate body, like a company’s call centre division, or after sales team. It must be well planned and effectively written in order to be valuable.

Sample Corporate Business Proposal:

Name of the corporate business: ADHS Banking Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Year of establishment: 1999

Corporate business proposal for: Setting up of a new in-bound and out-bound call centre division

Objectives and aims:

  • We plan to pitch our company’s policies to our customers. Also, through our call centre division, clients will be provided answers to their banking and investment queries.
  • Online banking will also be an added advantage.
  • We also hope to spread our company’s messages far and wide and make customers aware of the benefits they will derive from accepting our various schemes and offers.

Financial costs for the setting up of this new division: $ 50000000


  • This sector of our core banking agency will generate massive employment and offer youth an opportunity to gain the experience of working in a multinational corporate environment.
  • This is a part of our modernizing endeavors and will present this decades old company in a new garb to our patrons.

Location: 64B, Madison Avenue, New York

Number of workers in the initial batch of trainees to be recruited: 2500

Contact information for more details: 746324767

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