Corporate Advertising Proposal

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Corporate advertising is a form of advertising which is used to promote a corporate organization and is an effective marketing and promotions tool for any corporate entity. A corporate advertising proposal is a kind of a proposal which is prepared by a corporate company executive to list down details of an advertising scheme or campaign.

These proposals are framed with the aim of evaluating the pros and cons and judge the feasibility of the campaign. For anyone who wishes to frame a similar proposal, a detailed sample has been given below for your help and reference.

Sample Corporate Advertising Proposal

Name of Company: Brooks International Corporation

Head office address: R-90, Henry Towers, Jackson Street, New York

Phone number: 4370357036

Type of proposal: advertising campaign proposal

Proposal created and presented by: Donald Williamson

Marketing Executive, Brooks International Corporation

Proposal submitted on: 10th April 2014

Proposal approved by: Jack Anderson

Managing Director

Brooks International Corporation

Purpose and objective of proposal:

This is an advertising proposal which has been framed and presented with the aim of advertising the name of the Corporate Company. Through the advertising campaign, we aim to promote company image, brand image and instill a certain trust value in clients and customers. This campaign will cover all possible method of advertising.

Details of the proposal:

  • The company shall start an advertising project/campaign that will be aimed to promote company name in New York.
  • Some of the advertising platforms that shall be used for advertising are Google Ads, Magazine and Newspaper Ads, Social media Ads and hoardings across the city.
  • The project shall start from 1st June onwards and the first phase shall end in 6 months, after which the second phase’s execution will be decided.
  • If approved, the ad campaign will be executed with the help of Johnson Advertising partners.

Estimated cost of the advertising project: $70000

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