Design Proposals

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Design proposals are specifically worded documents providing detailed sketches of designs as proposal to a prospective company. Such designs are conceived by technicians who are pro at handling cover design, service design and item design such as bottles, cartons, packets, envelopes and boxes. It is very crucial to the fate of a product as the design market is very volatile. Companies have to keep varying their package designs in order to avoid depletion of customer interest in the product or service.

The body of design proposals must envisage the use and acceptability of the design concretely as the end result of the project would remain accountable to the reception of the product in general. It must be idealised in a manner that the gaping flaws and inadequacies of the service or product are intelligently suppressed by the flamboyance of the artwork.

Therefore, a design proposal must carry the following definite points:

  • The name, utility and purpose of the product/service must be included.
  • The cost of the entire scheme should be indicated.
  • There should be a detailed highlight of the design strategies blanketing the essential characteristics of the product likely to interest the customers.
  • The deadline of acceptance must be stated as an intimidation.

Sample Design Proposal

Design Proposal Format

Design Proposal Template

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