Wedding Proposals

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Wedding proposals are an extremely special moment in anyone’s life. It marks a transition from being an individual to accepting another person as life partner. Hence they need to be warm, sincerer and convincing. Wedding proposals should be able to convey the feelings of the proposer and they must be framed in way so as to express the feelings of the person proposing. They are moments that will be cherished forever and thus they need to be given some thought over.

  • Wedding proposals can be framed in any way one wishes as they are highly personal and subjective.
  • However, care should be taken to sound sincere and ornate proposals may end up sounding hollow and forced.
  • These proposals must not be offensive in any manner.
  • A person can choose to propose at a quiet dinner out or in a more pubic place. But wherever and whenever the proposal is made, it should reflect the love and the desire for commitment in the words uttered.
  • They must be made suitably memorable as they mark the beginning of an important phase of one’s life.

Wedding proposals can be written by the person himself or herself, or they can be written by a professional. However, in the interests of personalization, it is best if a wedding proposal is written by the person as it conveys a more thoughtful approach. Since it is such a momentous occasion, the moment of proposal must be well thought out. The words must befit the occasion in order to really be evocative and beautiful.

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