Engineering Education Proposal

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Engineering education proposal is a document presented with an intention of introducing any new engineering education program or course. Therefore, such a document should be framed enunciating the plan and objective precisely so that it becomes successful in gaining maximum response.

Sample Engineering Education Proposal

Proposal for Vocational Engineering Education

Proposal presented by: National Institute of Engineering

44, Christ Town


Date of presenting the proposal: 5th July 2011

About us:

The National Institute of Engineering, Texas started in the 1990 with admission only to Mechanical and Civil Engineering department. Today, it offers undergraduate degree in technology or engineering Mechanical, Civil, Electronics, Electrical and Instrumentation.

We secured our position as one of the prestigious engineering institute in the country and wish to uphold its reputation by imparting more professional education to the students.

Purpose of the proposal:

We present this proposal to our collaborators and associates depicting our intention of introducing a new “Vocational Engineering Education” of duration one and a half years in any of these 5 subjects which include Mechanical, Civil, Electronics, Electrical and Instrumentation.

Students or professionals who are interested in learning engineering know-how in any of these 5 subjects can join this education program in full-time or part-time basis. We also have a plan to employ more than 5 specialized faculties in each of the department as mentioned.

Total cost estimated for the implementation of this education program: $30000-$40000 approximately.

Time required for implementing the course full-fledged: Maximum 7-8 months

Last date for accepting the proposal: 15th July 2011

Download Engineering Education Proposal

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