Sample Education Proposal

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A Sample education proposal represents a document that is being framed for bringing any change in the process of education. Such kind of education proposal should be designed in an effective way.


Sample Education Proposal

Name of the school: St.Agnes Secondary School


Name of the organization who wants to bring change in the process: St. Agnes Secondary school’s student’s welfare society and board of directors of secondary education.


Date of proposal submission: 6th March 2011


Features to be changed from the existing education system: The board of secondary education has already made few changes on its curriculum.

  • Change in subjects like history, geography and economics.

Proposal: Combining up into social studies for the secondary students.

  • Change in science group.

Proposal: Combining up all the three sections Biology, Physics and Chemistry


Purpose: Few changes would surely bring changes on the education system and students will enjoy learning instead of considering it as a burden. The quality of education in this school is always recognized for giving best students so few changes would help it to produce best students who would work for the betterment of the society.


Last Date of approving the proposal: 7th September 2011.


Implementation time: It would atleast take six months time to make the students accustomed with the changed curriculum. Even this time span would also help the teachers to realize the effectiveness of the curriculum change.


Cost expected for the change: Cost could be minimized and students from all sections of the society could afford to take the education from a good school like ours.


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