Fashion Clothing Design Proposal

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A fashion clothing design proposal is a formally organized document that elaborates and presents various clothing designs as per the latest fashion trends in the market. This is a business proposal and hence a sufficient amount of careful planning and organizing needs to be done. Thus such a document must be framed by consolidating all the important proposed plans in order to get maximum acceptance from intended customers, clients and prospects.

You can Download the Free Fashion Clothing Design Proposal form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Fashion Clothing Design Proposal is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Simple Design Proposal Template to Print

Simple Design Proposal Template to Print

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Sample Proposal Template to Edit

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Sample Fashion Clothing Design Proposal:

Fashion Clothing Design Proposal

Download Fashion Clothing Design Proposal

Name of the fashion house making this Fashion Clothing Design Proposal: Forrester Clothes, Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submitting the Fashion Clothing Design Proposal: 15th September, 2011

Name of retailer chain for which the Fashion Clothing Design Proposal is being made: Gap, Inc.

Clothing designer, in charge of the proposal: Rick Maroni

Features of fashion clothing designs:

  • Chiffon has become the latest fashion buzz with celebrities wearing chiffon gowns to the red carpet events. Hence, we have designed a chiffon clothing line that will appeal to the contemporary trend
  • The cost of production and distribution of the clothing line will be an average of $30 million USD.
  • The charge of designing will be taken up by our own talented in-house designers.

Date of commencement of clothing line production: 15th February, 2012

Date of completion of clothing line production: 17th May, 2012

Last date of proposal acceptance: 19th October, 2011

Kindly respond before the last date of proposal acceptance. We hope this will be a long and profitable business relationship. We promise to deliver quality if you accept our proposal.


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