Graphic Design Contract Proposal

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A graphic design contract proposal is one that provides the details of graphic designing services offered by a person or an organization. The contract proposal is a document that has details of all the aspects that are provided in graphic design services including the cost.

Sample Graphic design contract proposal

Graphic design contract proposal number – GD1256

Proposed date of contract – 25th June 2013

Cost of contract – 1500 pounds

The graphic design contract proposal is initiated by our company named M/s Wickinson Associates. The proposal details are specified as under :-

  • The graphic design is being provided for making an illustrative and pictorial description of the company.

  • The graphic design services are offered for a period of one year subject to satisfactory review by the concerned company officials. The contract is thereafter renewed on need basis by the hiring company.

  • The termination of the graphic design contract is purely subjective on the performance of the graphic design company and mutual agreed terms between both the parties.

  • The client company hiring the graphic design services is required to pay an advance of 500 pounds and the remaining 1000 pounds on completion of graphic design work assigned by the company.

  • We confirm to offer graphic design services as desired by the client and without any deviation against the express consent of the hiring company.

  • The graphic design activity has to commence within a week of the date of contract failing which the graphic design contract proposal stands canceled.

  • The graphic design services company promises to complete the assigned graphic design activity within the specified time of one year beyond which the hiring client company can claim damages and also resort to appropriate legal action.

You are requested to kindly get in touch with our representative on 111-222-3333 for any clarifications regarding the proposal.

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