Financial Plan Proposal

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Every business organization must have a strong and well detailed financial plan to look after its finances, work on its accounts and carry out investment activities. Finance managers are the executives who are responsible for framing or drafting effective financial plans which are presented to board members in the form of financial plan proposals.

These proposals must give all the details of the proposed financial plan and also explain how the plan can help the company or prove beneficial.  A sample of a financial plan proposal is given below and can be used for reference.

Sample Financial Plan Proposal

Name of the company: Bottleneck Solutions

Name of the company owner: Mr. Joshua Parkson

Address of the company: ABC-56, Percy Street, Johnson tower, London

Contact number of the company: 4939050955

Proposal prepared by: William Brooks

Finance manager, Bottleneck Solutions

Proposal presented by: John Kennedy, finance manager, Bottleneck solutions

Proposal presented to: Joshua Parkson (Owner at Bottleneck solutions)

Fred Anderson (Chairman of board)

Jenny Brown (Vice Chairman of board)

Proposal presented on: 19th June 2014

Proposal submitted on: 20th June 2014

Proposal objective:

To present an effective, strong and viable financial plan for strengthening the financial position and condition of Bottleneck solutions which has been suffering from the past couple of months

Financial plan:

The basic idea of this plan is to concentrate on saving more than spending on avoidable activities like training of support staff. We must improve our investment decisions to see more returns pouring in.

Details of the plan:

  • To strengthen our risk management to be able to detect and deal with financial risks better.
  • To look at new and more beneficial investment options and eliminate existing investment deals that do not bring in expected results.
  • To cut down on jobs where not required and eliminate support staff training programs of the company.
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