Financial Management Research Proposal

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A financial management research proposal is the proposal which is written when an employee of a business proposes some sort of research mechanism to promote financial management in the business. The proposal is addressed to a higher official of the organisation who has the power to approve or reject the proposal on basis of the suitability of the proposal for the business.

Sample Financial Management Research Proposal

Dated: 19th April 2013

The addressed official: Mr. Billy Vanderbilt, Chairman of Operations

Organisation: Garry & Billy Enterprises & Co., New York, USA


The Statement:

We have been facing come financial management issues in the organisation for the past 4 months. The idea is to tackle all the financial management problems by conducting research and collecting data about the financial management policies in the organisation and thereby drawing ways to eradicate the problems.

Details of the Proposal:

  • The firm must conduct thorough analysis of all the employees of all the departments in the organisation.
  • Information should be collected for all the different profiles in the individual departments and the operations managed by all the employees.
  • Information can also be collected by requesting the employees to record their day to day activities in the office premises. They should also be required to put in personal notes.
  • All the information must be compiled to develop an outline of the operations and timelines for the whole department.
  • The outline must be analysed to access the places that can be tweaked to improve the efficiency and the operations smoothness of the organisation.
  • In the analysis focus must be paid on the use of various resources and outlining where excess or unnecessary waste of resources and hence the finances can be avoided.


Presented and prepared by: Ms. Jill Thomas, Senior Manager, Finance Department

Organisation Details: Garry & Billy Enterprises, Brooklyn Office.

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