Investment Services Proposal

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An investment services proposal is a kind of a proposal which an investment service provider writes in order to propose an investment opportunity to a client with the hope that the client would agree to it or accept it. Such a proposal mentions the strong points or benefits of the investment opportunity and explains why this opportunity could be good for the client or the company. The nature, format and tone of the proposal must be formal in nature. A sample of an investment services proposal is provided below and can be used for reference by anyone.

 Sample Investment services proposal

Name of the investment company: ABCD Investment Company

Address of the company: 6-T, first floor, Timothy Street, West Putney, London

Proposal prepared and presented by: Jack Black

Senior Investment Manager, ABCD Investment Company

Proposal presented on: 9th June 2014

Proposal presented to: Nathan Anderson

Managing Director, Anderson IT Company

Proposal approved on: 10th June 2014

Proposal Statement:

I, Jack Black, on behalf of ABCD Investment Company am presenting to you a proposal to ask you to accept our investment offer and gain its benefits within a period of 5 years. We have custom designed this opportunity and offer for your company and can assure you of its good returns.

About ABCD Investment Company:

Established in 1994, ABCD Investment Company is a well- known and reliable name in the investment sector or economy and has been serving clients and companies with utmost dedication ever since its establishment.

Details of the investment offer:

  • If you agree to invest a sum of $10000 with us, we can promise to bring you a total return of 8% within the next 3 years.
  • We will invest your amount in the best possible avenue which promises sure shot returns.
  • If you wish, you can yourself make a recommendation for the nature of investment you wish for us to make.
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