Real Estate Property Sales Services Proposal

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A real estate property sales services proposal is a kind of a formal proposal document which is used by a real estate company to propose or offer after sales services for real estate property.  The proposal is sent to prospective clients mentioning about the services and other details. The proposal should be convincing enough for the recipient to accept or approve. A sample of a real estate property sales services proposal is given below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample real estate property sales services proposal

Name of the Real estate Company: Henderson Realtors

Address of the company: 345, second floor, Greg tower, Putney, London

Proposal prepared and presented by: Henry Johnson, Senior Manager, Henderson Realtors

Proposal presented to: Jessica Simpson, Client

Proposal presented on: 4th Sep, 2014

Proposal approved on: 7th Sep 2014

Purpose of Proposal

Through this proposal we offer you our special and new scheme of after sales services for real estate properties sold by us. We bring to you periodic services for the apartments and flats that we sell or have sold to our buyers or clients.

Details of real estate property sales services:

  • Henderson realtors owns about 6-7 real estate projects in and around London and have always heard our customers demand for and ask after sales services such as servicing of flats and redevelopment of public spaces within the complexes.
  • If you sign a contract with us at the time of purchase of property and an additional amount, we shall be providing you 5 years of sales services and other benefits.
  • We are also offering this option to those customers who already have bought properties and would need them to make a one-time payment depending upon their flat type or property description.
  • If you approve, we would need a written confirmation from you within 2 weeks.
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