IT Audit Proposal

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IT audit proposal is presented by the various IT companies for mitigating organizational risk that can be translated into terms of money lost. Hence, this kind of proposal is conducted in order to estimate whether the company’s goals are being successfully fulfilled or not.

Sample IT Audit Proposal


Name of the company: Sun system firm

Prepared by: Mr. H.W. Hogwarts

Managing Director

Date of proposal issued: 3rd of July 2011

Executive summary of the proposal:

We are a highly motivated and energy driven company that targets at achieving success by providing optimum business solution. We are recognized by our best efforts for years and our collaborators are humble enough to trust us under every situation. This made us even stronger to deliver high performances. Hence, we are planning to keep track of our most important IT department by conducting a special audit process two times in a year.

Action plans:

  • As IT is an emerging field and most of our business solutions are regulated by the help of it; hence, we plan to improve it through rigorous methodologies of auditing.
  • Bi-yearly audit would also help us to minimize the risk involved with this department and would help us to enhance our business solutions.
  • Special auditors would be involved for this purpose to make it successful.

Estimated Budget of the proposal: $12000 -$15000

Last date of proposal acceptance: 6th of August 2011

Kindly note that no proposal submission would be accepted after the last date.

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