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An IT business proposal is a proposal that is drafted by a company or a person, who is ready to offer Information technology solutions and services to the client. The client here refers to a person, small company or an organization as a whole. The proposal consists of a narrative on the solutions and services provided by the company and the financial aspect involved in the service.This proposal is drafted based on the enquiry floated by the probable client. Below given is a sample proposal for ready reference.

Sample IT Business Proposal

IT Proposal Prepared by :  Mr. Isaac Newton, Chief Administrative Officer, Invert systems and solutions

Proposal Date : 22 September 2008

Company Brief :

We are leading solution providers and take care of all the software related activities of the HR, IT, and engineering portfolio’s of an organization. We are herewith providing an overview about the IT business solutions offered by our company.

We have entered into the field of software solutions a couple of years ago. But within this short span of time we have achieved good results that even established software companies cannot boast of.  During this period we have worked with major IT companies to offer them world-class software solutions which are available as testimonials from our clients on our website.

IT Proposal Highlights :

1)  The software of our company is designed in such a manner that it enhances the functioning and the productivity of your company remarkably.

2)  We have very strong domain experience in dot net, c plus, mainframes and java. We have been awarded as best service company in past 5 years from various customers.

3)  In terms of financial aspects of the proposal we offer you resources to support your needs and requirements round the clock with a bill rate of £20 per day for a resource.

Further details are attached with our accolades and references.

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