IT Investment Proposal

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Investors generally look for what kind of returns they will receive from a particular business on which they are investing or when they will get their investments back. IT investment proposal is one such document, which is framed seeking investment from potential investors of the business. Therefore, such kind of proposals should be backed by detailed business plan of the company and the facts that are convincing.

Sample IT Investment Proposal

Name of the IT Company: VIPRO Technologies

Proposal prepared by: Mr. D Richards

Managing Director

About us: VIPRO technologies started its IT business 10years back with 10 people and investment of USD 260. Today we emerged as a global leader in IT consultancy and service providing with revenues of USD 7.05 billion.

Our offerings are of wide span and we provide technologies to various renowned companies across the world. We believe in reforms and accept challenges as new endeavors.

Objective of the proposal:

We are requesting our investors to assemble on our conference hall on 13th May 2011 for a discussion on our new program “Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise”. This is an effort to bring new reforms in our existing business so that we get more appreciations for our work. This new changes in the policies would also help us to build a strong base for the future. Even this would help us to achieve new challenges as well.

Total investment required for implementing this new program: $1.06 billion approximately

Last date of accepting the proposal: 5th November 2011

All the investors are requested to assemble on the discussion.

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