JAVA Project Proposal

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JAVA project proposal is a document proposing the essential need of a project related to the computer language, JAVA. Hence, such a proposal should be designed with all the necessary details in order to give a clear idea to the intended clients.

Sample JAVA Project Proposal

Proposal for the Project “Internet Based Photo Album”

Project proposal presented by: Richard Nelson

Final Year –Computer Science Engineering

University of Minnesota

Date of presenting the proposal: 7th July 2010

Project Overview:

For years, keeping all the memories of past intact into photo albums are not that easy. To solve this, I have come up with a JAVA script based project idea. Photomanager is an application written in JAVA which could help us to keep our year-long photos organized with a photo album. This would enable a person to store as many virtual sequences they want to. It is quite easy to handle and there’s no chance of the picture getting copied, moved or modified. Every user will have separate picture database which others cannot access.

Intended Audience:

I am looking for cyber space to launch a website of this photo album. Moreover, I am looking for an associate who have a sound knowledge of core and advanced JAVA.

Total Cost Required for Project Completion: $2500 approximately.

Amount received till date: $10000 approximately.

Last Date of accepting the proposal: 20th July 2010

Kindly note no proposal acceptance would be entertained after the above-mentioned date. The project work will commence from 10days of proposal acceptance. Proposal acceptance would largely count on first cum first serve basis.

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