Market Segmentation Proposal

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Market segmentation is basically the process of categorization of target customers in groups as per their common biographical, social and behavioral traits. This helps one to strategize marketing plans in a very goal oriented and specific way and thereby approach the right customers in the right way. Market segmentation proposal thus describes the entire process or agenda involved in the development of market segmentation program.

Sample Market Segmentation Proposal

Market segmentation proposal for soft drinks.

Date of submission of proposal: August 4, 2011.

Proposal submitted by: Drinknice Company.

Objective: To understand and identify consumer groups as per their tastes in soft drinks.

Salient Features:

  • The soft drinks that are currently doing the rounds in the market are orange fruitdrink, cola refreshdrink, mango juicedrink and glucose energydrink. Of these, the drink that is leading sales in the market is the mango juicedrink, closely followed by cola refreshdrink, glucose energydrink and orange fruitdrink.
  • The target customers of these drinks are primarily the urbane crowd. While the cola refreshdrink is a hot favorite among the youth belonging to the age group of 13-28 years, the mango juicedrink finds popularity among the kids while the elderly prefer glucose and orange.
  • Keeping the urbane crowd in mind, the drinks have been marketed and packaged in a very funky and vibrant way. Spunk is the idea behind all marketing strategies and special fountain packs are introduced for the speedy generation.

Duration: The test samples will be introduced to the market on August 6, 2011 and are supposed to be under circulation for a year, following which the response gathered and revenue generated would decide its lifeline.

Budget: A budget of 2580$ have been sanctioned for the project

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