Marketing Consulting Proposal

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Marketing consulting proposal is presented by different companies seeking consultation related to marketing and sales for any of their product and services. This kind of proposals should be designed in such a manner so that it could find out expert consultancy for improving a particular business.

Sample Marketing Consulting Proposal

Name of the company: Fortune group of industries

Executive summary: Fortune group of industries a conglomerate born out of United States of America made its presence significant through battery of brands and business initiatives.  With a group of turnover of $ 40000 the business has interest of FMCG mainly till date but recently the planning is to expand business for adding real estates and hotels as well.

Motive behind this proposal: Our plan of expanding business could only be successful if we could follow a strategic marketing plan. Hence, we are requesting global experts in marketing consultancy to down pour their valuable suggestions and ideas for effective regulation of our marketing and sales process.

What we expect: We are aspiring for an expert team of marketing consultants who would help us on following areas.

  • In implanting strategic marketing plans for achieving maximum acceptance from potential client
  • Proper regulation of the marketing and sales process
  • Marketing plans to follow at the initial stage
  • Ways through which upcoming ventures could be related with the marketing process of the existing ones.

Last date for enrolling your names: 6th July 2011

Kindly note we would not entertain your participation after the last date.

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