Consulting Project Proposal

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A consulting project proposal is a kind of a proposal which a consultant or consulting company of any kind prepares to propose its services to a client or client company. The proposal must talk about the consulting project and how it can meet the client’s needs and requirements. The proposal should be formal in nature and should talk about the consulting company’s areas of expertise etc. as well. For your reference, a sample of a consulting project proposal is given below.

Sample consulting project proposal

Name of the consulting company: Cecilia IT Consulting Company

Address of the company: 456, Reading Street, Henderson enclave, Birmingham, UK

Proposal prepared and presented by: John Aeron,

Senior IT Consultant, Cecilia IT Consulting Company

Proposal presented on: 7th September, 2014

Proposal presented to: Sarah Pascal

Manager Director, Pascal Group of Companies

Proposal approved on: 10th September 2014

Proposal Statement:

I, on behalf of Cecilia IT Consulting Company am writing this proposal to you to offer our consulting services for a time period of 1 year. The services that we will be offering to you will cover all our IT troubles, installation issues, troubleshooting, consulting and several others as a package.

About Cecilia IT Consulting Company:

Cecilia IT Consulting Company has been working in this field for 10 years now and is an expert of IT troubleshooting and computer repair. We have always been on top of the game and aim to offer 100% customer satisfaction.

Details of consulting proposal:

  • If you approve, we shall be signing a 1 year contract and will offer 6 full company IT servicing within this period for a total package money of $5000.
  • We will be offering 12 on request troubleshooting within this package.
  • Any other service required will be charged as per our standard charges which are enclosed with this proposal.
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