Marketing Proposal Questions

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The marketing proposal questions are created after a certain proposal has been submitted to the company. These questions can be addressed to the creators of the proposal or could be a part of the overall proposal. It is necessary to read through the proposal before setting the questions. This makes certain that all risks are covered. In case there is any issue, questions help in addressing them. These questions should be created from all aspect including profit, production cost and even time period required.

Sample Marketing Proposal Questions:

The Marketing Proposal Questions has been created by Marx Q Co.

Name of Company: Assassin Creative Ltd.

Proposal created by: Milton Thomas.

Proposal Submitted: Using a renowned celebrity figure in an ad campaign for marketing Shampoo Product to increase chances of generating revenue.

Please respond to the questions below pertaining to the proposal submitted:

1. Has there been confirmation made by any celebrity for the ad campaign?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

2. Will the consumer not feel left out by the use of a larger-than-life figure?

  • Not at all
  • Perhaps
  • Definitely

3. Has the ad campaign concept been created according to the proposal?

  • Little tweaks have been made
  • Very close to the initial proposed idea
  • New concept to be used

4. Is the production cost according to the set budget?

  • More or less
  • A little higher
  • A little lower

5. Has the market analysis shown overall favorability?

  • Most assuredly
  • Mixed reactions
  • No


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