Real Estate Marketing Plan Proposal

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A real estate marketing plan proposal is a type of a proposal which is made by a marketing executive or a marketing company to suggest ways to promote a real estate company.

The proposal must be drafted using a formal tone and format and should give details of each step or strategy of marketing in a way that can convince the recipient of the proposal. For your reference, a sample of a real estate marketing plan proposal is given below and can be used by anyone.

Sample Real Estate Marketing Plan Proposal

Name of Real Estate Company: Harvey Real Estate Firm

Address of the real estate company: 123, modern building zone, Park Avenue, London

Contact number of Real Estate Company: 470350505, 470350505

Proposal presented and designed by: Kell Mathews

Marketing Manager, Harvey Real estate firm

Proposal presented to: Fred Jacobson, Managing director, Harvey Real Estate firm

Proposal presented on: 10th June 2014

Proposal objective: To suggest a marketing plan so as to create a buzz about our company in the market and the industry. To suggest ways to make best use of technology to market our company.

Real estate marketing plan:

We must get a TV advertisement made and show it on all major TV channels of the country. The TV along with our already existing marketing mediums like Newspaper ads, magazine ads and online marketing should be enough for effective marketing and creativity visibility of our company.

Details of the plan:

  • The first step will be to hire a TV ad maker and get a sample design and idea made.
  • On approval of the idea, we’ll have to film the advertisement and get it ready within 1 month so that it can be on TV in a 2 months’ time period.
  • We must continue using our other marketing mediums like they are being used currently.
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