MBA Marketing Proposal

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An MBA marketing proposal is a document which highlights the means whereby the MBA program of an educational institution is publicized. This is done to attract students and to create a space for an institution’s MBA program despite immense competition. MBA is a course always in demand and thus an MBA marketing proposal must address all the relevant factors like cost, intake capacity and criteria for joining.

Sample MBA Marketing Proposal

Proposal submitted by: Laurence Rogers of Glen Marketing and Publicity Agency Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of proposal: 5th June 2011

MBA course to be offered by: New York Educational Institution for Higher Studies.

Course capacity: 40 students

Fees per annum [two year course]: $200000

Marketing strategies:

  • The educational institution offering this MBA course is a name to reckon with in the field of academics. The New York institution is extremely prestigious and well known all over the country and thus its MBA course must be publicized using the institution’s goodwill and reputation.
  • We intend to tie up with leading media houses of the country to advertise this MBA course. It is a one of a kind course which will equip students with all the necessary resources.
  • We will also contact schools and colleges across the country for organizing counseling sessions and seminars highlighting why this MBA course is the one that must be chosen.
  • We aim at creating awareness in students and thus we will also actively participate in career fairs and the like.

Estimated budget for marketing: $ 2000000

For further information contact: 34663644

We hope to work with you soon. Thanking you,

Laurence Rogers.

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