New Product Sales Proposal

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When a company needs to make sale of any new product they have launched, employees may pour in their ideas for the sales campaign. These ideas go in the form of the new product sales proposals, which are formal proposal documents that are presented to higher management for contemplation and approval. A sample of the new product sales proposal is being provided below for the reference.

Sample New Product Sales Proposal:

Date of presentation: 25th January 2013

Proposal prepared and presented by: Ms. Holly Holbrooke

Head, Sales Department, Johnson Group Pvt. Ltd.

Proposal presented to: Mrs. Nora Johnson

Chief Operations Officer, Johnson Group Pvt. Ltd.

Organisation Name: The Johnson Group Pvt. Ltd.

Organisation Address: 3rd and Mains, Mutt Square Garden, Bellow City, Chicago, USA.

About the Product:

The new products that we are trying to sell to the consumer market are face wash products one for men and one for women. They both come in two different flavours each.

Proposal Details:

  • The whole sales promotion and sales improvement plan should focus on three segments- building new client list, the existing clientele and demand creation.
  • The first step will be to follow the traditional idea of passing out free sample sizes of the face packs all through our retailers in the central market area. This will create a beginning basic demand for the products.
  • We will also set up mechanisms to motivate retailers in favour of selling our products. For example we can set up gifts or reward schemes for retailers.
  • A portion of the sales staff will focus only on communicating with the existing clientele and managing all of their needs, requirements and directing their queries to the respective department.
  • Another group of the sales department will focus only on contacting new prospective clients and building relations with them.

It is important that separate and adequate attention be paid for all three segments mentioned.

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