Product Sales Proposal Letter

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Product sales proposal letter are those letters which are letter by an individual or an organization in order to make a proposal for the sales of their products or services. There are some specific rules to write a product sales proposal letter. In these product sales proposal letter the specific details of the products are being provided in a formal way to achieve the highest sales of the product from the clients.

One has to be extremely cautious while writing the product sales proposal letter so that it must obtain positive results. Prior to submitting the proposal letter one must thoughtfully sketch and plan it, to ensure the success of the proposal.

Sample Product Sales Proposal Letter:


Mr. Abraham John

Flan Retails Inc.

231, Asterix Lane

Ohuns, MP 454

Subject: Proposal for selling our new products.

Dear Sir,

We are hereby writing this letter to bring to your attention sales proposal for our new product as per the details mentioned as below:

  • The new cosmetic product range launched [check enclosed document for details about each product] have been experienced and appreciated by many companies in the industry.
  • Each product is carefully designed by our team of expertise and researched prior to its launch in the market. These cosmetic range of a variety of product is absolutely safe and customer friendly.
  • We wish to get associated with your large retail group to reach out to the utmost customers. We have given all the product details along with its pricing and other specification which will ensure you to pick up the suitable product for your group.

Also find attached the catalogue which has details of prices and quantity for your perusal. We hope to hear from you soon.


Ms. Stella Thomson

Prime Merchandiser Ltd

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